"We sanded our floor using a rental company sander. When we put on the finish the sander had not taken off the old finish and the floors had large dark stains that looked terrible. Mike came out and resanded our floors and put on a finish that to this day makes the floor shine. I am so thankful for his expertise and skill in repairing our floors.”
Ken and Arlene Dubrowski

Marshfield, MA

“I found this company on Checkbook rated very well. I contacted them and ended up choosing to work with them. They did not submit the lowest bid but were within 20%. I chose them based on the professionalism of the presentation and the Checkbook recommendation. They did about $6000.00 worth of work for me a combination of repair of existing, installation of new and refinishing. I was very satisfied with their work”
Sharon, MA

“I have just had my hardwood floors refinished by Pernock Brothers and I am thrilled with the results…better than I ever expected! The contractor was professional, courteous, and cared about what I wanted the floor to look like. He was on time every day and never in the way.”
Mrs.Sandra Cassidy
Mansfield, MA

“Mike worked diligently when refinishing my hardwood floors. He was flexible when scheduling the job and did all the work during my vacation. He even moved the large furniture pieces onto my back porch so I did not have to move them. Mike accommodated my every request and performed the job to perfection. When I recently had my house appraised for a refinance, the appraiser was impressed with the glossy floors and my appraisal amount was very high. I am sure the quality of the hardwood floors made all the difference. I highly recommend the work of Mike and his team.”
Sudbury, MA